Need help tracing incorrect DNS lookups

  • Hello guys,

    I use BIND (from System->Packages) on 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 for local hostname resolution. I also have DHCP running on the same pfsense box with 'Enable registration of DHCP client names in DNS' checked along with 'Force dynamic DNS hostname to be the same as configured hostname for Static Mappings'. In BIND I've set 'localhost' to allow updates to the home zone.

    The overall solution is working fine. But I have one host lookup that causing me a headache. I tried to move a host to a static address after it booted up and now pfsense (BIND) always returns the old IP Address. I've confirmed that host is set up for DHCP and that it's assigned the new static address. But every time I try to do a nslookup or dig, it keeps returning the old address that DHCP assigned to it when the host original booted.

    Can someone please help me with how to trace down why the new static address is not getting registered with BIND. I have another half a dozen hosts that are static and those are getting resolved just fine.

    Thanks in advance.

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