Fully routed failover Network

  • I have here a network design that I haven't fully tested  because I haven't mounted antenna's yet.

    These are two sites separated by about 6 miles and I have 2 wireless bridges at each site. There will be video and audio traveling both directions. I used two wireless bridges to establish redundancy and a sudo "full-duplex" environment by setting up the routing to send traffic down one link while the return traffic comes down the other link. I did this with opposite failover pools  on both sides. Each Side has three interfaces- a LAN, a WAN, and a WAN2. All three interfaces simulate virtual addresses using CARP. The two WAN interfaces point to the other side's virtual address for a gateway.

    I have outbound NAT disabled for everything and allow all rules on all of the interfaces because this setup isn't connected to anything else. NAT would mess up the asynchronous style routing by changing source addresses and it would add a world of complication for port forwarding.

    Does anyone see any major problems from this setup? It is possible to do this using BGP with local preference and multiple exit discriminators, but it doesn't recover as quickly in a connection failure.

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