Installing IMSpector

  • Hi,

    I've installed Squid and IMSpector. I've checked transparent proxy and have logging enabled. Is there any other settings I need to change to get log viewer to work. Any rules or port forwards needed? Bit confused, thanks!


  • I use imspector extensively and you shouldn't need to do anything else to get it to work.

    However, on more than one occasion I have also noted that it doesn't do anything immediately after installation. I've tried restarting the service and reinstalling the package without success.

    As much as it pains me to say it, the good old "reboot the box" approach seems to work!

  • You were right. Over night it resolved whatever issues it had and started working this am.
    Thanks for the reply!

  • I have tried several reboots, slightly different settings and everything else I can think of, I have 'lan' selected, I have enable box checked and I have tried just 1, all 4 and variations of each for which service to log.  Nothing seems to work for it.  Bleh QQ

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