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  • i have a qotom mini pc with i3, 4gb ddr3 and intel eth with 4 ports as well as atheros wireless. it is the wireless that is giving me toruble. i do not understand how to get it configured correctly to allow use from say a laptop of another wireless device.
    as it is now i have wan and lan configured and working. and wifi is seen and "configured" but when i connect to it with my laptop i have no internet access.
    here is a link to the device
    my laptop sees the device and it is assigned an ip address but the network is listed as unreachable. anyway any simple howto of advise would be appreciated.

  • You need to allow access from WiFi in the Firewall. Maybe you want to bridge WiFi to LAN as well, and maybe you want WiFi to have NAT too. It doesn't do any of those things for you by default, giving you a no-access network.

    Also, WiFi on pfSense is bad. You're better off buying a separate access point and plugging it into a switch in your LAN network.

  • heh… i think had asked this question in irc and you answered it there too! it for some reason peeeves me to not be able to get the wireless that i have working even though it may be slow as molasses. my ignorance in understanding networking is killing me here. so should it be possible to get the wireless configured to at least allow connection to the "internet" without bridging the lan and the wifi and if yes or no can you point me to a clear tutorial that assumes no prior experience or knowledge. tall order i know but i am not giving up

  • Start here:

    You'll need to do a few things:

    • Setup the hardware
    • Setup VAPs (virtual access points), at least 1
    • Assign an interface (which will then work like the WAN and LAN interface tabs)

    Next you'll probably want to have that interface work, so:

    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • Routing
    • NAT
    • Firewall

    those are pretty much standard and setup like any extra interface (pfSense calls them OPT interfaces by default as they are 'optional').
    Check your LAN interface on how you should setup your VAP interface. You should put it on a separate subnet if you don't want to bridge LAN and WiFi.

    On the DHCP page, you should enable DHCP for your new VAP interface, and set a range within the subnet you chose. i.e. if you set the subnet to you could set the DHCP range to to Routing and NAT should work as long as you set the gateway right. Next you should add firewall rules to allow traffic to pass, i.e. Add a rule that says "IPv4" from "" to "anywhere" should be allowed.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yup. That^

    Given that you are connected to the wifi you probably just need to enable DHCP on the wifi interface and add a firewall rule to allow traffic. Assuming other settings are still at their defaults.


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