Peculiar routing behavior

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    I've got a pfsense box with one WAN interface and a client VPN interface to single vlan. I assigned both theese gateways a monitor IP. First I used for vpn gateway and To my surprise you cannot ping (vpn gw monitor ip) from within home-vlan. When I changed the monitor IP to a different (quad9) - same behavior. I can though ping monitor IP of the same gatway for the vlan I am using, so it got me thinking to test how routing works. Traceroute hangs on my local gw (pfsense router ip), so I looked up pfsense routing table and discovered that those two monitoring IPs get static routes that go only through the gateway they are assigned to. After a bit it seems resonable, since we want to be sure the traffic for those addresses is routed only through gateway we are trying to monitor. Is it a normal behavior (just making sure) or should I start digging  in my config for misconfiguration? :)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You get static host routes for:

    Gateway monitor IP addresses
    IPsec peers in certain cases
    System > General DNS servers with a gateway set

    That's all I can think of…might be more

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