QoS VOIP Fluctuating WAN

  • Hi
    I've been searching some information about QoS VIP on a fluctuating WAN.
    TO resume i got one APU2C4 with 3 NIC;
    I dedicated one Nic to WAN , one nic to LAN( PC) and the last one to VOIP (asterisk server+IP phone).

    LAN is
    VOIP is

    I don't want to have VOIP and PC on same network and i get rules to avoid any discussion between these network.

    The questions concerns the WAN as i got 2Mb guarantee with Burst up to 100 Mb.

    If i perform several test i got around 50 Mb 80% of the day but sometimes i got only the 2 Mb ….

    In the past i was using trafic shaper to limit LAN but as the WAN is fluctuating i don't understand how to manage in this case.

    I read some tutorial about creating Queue and PRIQ but all the tutos i follow get PC and VOIp on same interface.

    Is it possible to get a kind of QoS for VOIP with a WAN fluctuating ??

  • There is no reliable way to properly QoS if you don't know how much bandwidth you have. That's like asking someone to plan their expenses without knowing how much money they have.

    There are sketchy work-arounds that some people have done in other projects where they ping a known remote target, and if the latency goes up, they reduce the provisioned bandwidth. While this works, it takes time to react. Also, the ping is only correlated with "not enough bandwidth", and it can be difficult to tell if the lack of bandwidth is in regards to ingress or egress.

    pfSense has little to no support for this due to the enterprise nature of most users, but I could see this as a useful feature for someone to create a package for. It's a "lesser of two evils" situation.

  • As I understand it, you can't limit Downloads between multiple-LANs, as then you're trying to aggregate multiple queues across different interfaces.

    However, you CAN use QoS on your WAN (outbound) and it'll affect all uploads.  Just create floating rules on WAN out, matching your VOIP traffic.

    But without knowing what your line limitations are, it probably still won't be as effective – especially with such a huge variance.

  • You can use limiters and shape on the WAN for ingress.

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