CBQ shaping issues

  • Hi,

    I had a very serious problem when I enabled CBQ for my router. I'm using APU2C4 with latest pfsense - when I removed PRIQ shaping queues and used wizard to setup CBQ the device went into reboot loop - it was crashing as soon as firewall started (checked the serial console). I recall finding some other post of a person that had similar issue while trying to run CBQ on vlans. It happens that I also was trying to use CBQ for vlans!
    At the time I was helpless since the device rebooted even when started in single user mode. As soon as I detached LAN cable (thus disabling any vlan traffic) device booted properly. I gave CBQ another try, this time (similar to other poster) I set CBQ for WAN + all VLANs, but not LAN and everything went smoothly.

    Is it a bug or is it some kind of stretching the limit of my config? I can't figure out how to configure the CBQ, because: all of the shaped vlans are coming from WIFI AP, so technically I can't treat each one as 100mbit/s connection. The lan is 100mbit/s and this is the physical interface for which the vlan frames are actually transmitted.

    Does leaving LAN interface out (assuming each vlan has it's own nat setup) may cause any improper shaping?

    Currently I set every vlan for 100mbit/s (wifi is running 150, but the switch is only 100) - it seems that setting iface queue interface bandwith works like a hard limit (similar to limiter) and it cannot be stretched/borrowed?

    So now I have 4 vlans, each set to 100mbit/s - I guess I should treat each subqueue as if it was on same interface and assign bandwitdh relative to all other vlan uses? For example setting qVoip to 40% would leave 60% for every other queue on every vlan, right?

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