WAN interface not obtaining an IP from DHCP

  • Yesterday I received my Intel NICs, put them in my pfSense machine and I cannot get an IP on the WAN interface via DHCP. So I tested both NICs and both work. Previously, I was using an on-board NIC so for the sake of testing, I plugged an Ethernet cable from the WAN into the on-board NIC and I can get an IP from DHCP. I unplugged my modem for 20 minutes and plugged it back in and tried again on the new Intel NIC but the same thing happens, WAN interface shows (DHCP). At this point, I'm not sure what is wrong unless these new Intel NICs are not compatable.

    I'm also using auto-detect to detect the LAN and WAN interfaces.

    Just to add, I'm using the latest release of pfSense 1.2.1.

    These are the Intel NICs:

  • I have a few things I'm going to try when I get home from work.

    One interesting bit that I did noticed and forgot to mention is that I wasn't able to ping the LAN interface ( from a test machine on the same subnet.

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