[solved]voip nat over pfsense with open vpn

  • hello, ihave an openvpn site-to-site between 2 pfsense ,it work fine. i istalled a xivo voip server on one side.locally it work,but when i try to connect this server from other side i cant, i can ping the server from my PC but the softphone cant connect.
    i this a nat or forwarding port that i must do.
    i thinked that i dont need to forward the port 5060 for voip because it pass trough the vpn tunnel and i have the rule openvpn that allow all traffic through the tunnel vpn,it is not sufficient.
    i read too about  Siproxd package  who can be installed on the pfsense on the second side.
    can you help me to choose what solution i have to do to make it work correctly.

  • this is how my network work. vpn work correctly ,sharing folder work fine .i can ping the voip server too .

  • Why don't you TCP dump on each pfsense and see what you're seeing?

    If you can ping the xivo server, but softphones can't connect, I'd wonder if you need a Firewall rule to allow this traffic, or if the Xivo server isn't configured to listen for VoIP/SIP connections from anything other than (i.e you need to add a permit access from 192.168.1/24 rule somewhere, either on the pfSense or maybe the xivo server config)

  • thanks for the answer,i solved the problem . it was a nat on the xivo who caused that,now all work fine :)

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