Virtual IP GRE

  • Hello!

    I was wondering how can I get a GRE tunnel with Virtual IPs setup? My friend runs game servers through a GRE tunnel, the IP I am trying to give his servers is 199.127.xx.155, and the pfSense IP is 199.127.xx.154.

    When he starts his game servers, the IP it outputs is 199.127.xx.154 but you can only connect via 199.127.xx.155, that's fine until the way Valve reacts to the .154 IP, the pfSense firewall doesn't allow port 27015 through the 154 IP but it does 155, so nobody can see him on the server list but they can direct connect.

    Is there a way to seperate them so his servers show 199.127.xx.155 instead of 199.127.xx.154?

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