Android devices not able to connect to internet

  • I have network as below
    Modem - PF sense Firewall - Switch - Wireless access point connected to switch.

    The problem I am facing is that of all the devices connected through the wireless access point, Android devices are not able to connect to internet. IP address is being assigned to these devices but it shows connected, no internet. Please help.

  • Hi !

    The description of your problem makes it easy to reply :
    Something is wrong with your setup.

    A more detailed reply is possible as soon as you start detailing  ;)

  • Agreed.  More details are needed to offer any troubleshooting help.

    By default, PFsense allows all outbound connections regardless of OS.  My guess is you have either a networking or DNS issue… or possibly both.  However, we won't know anything until more details are provided.

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