Sticky Connections: Fixed in 1.2.1?

  • Hi,

    So as far as I can tell, sticky connections for multi-WAN setups were/are broken in 1.2. Does anyone know if they are fixed in 1.2.1 with the upgrade to BSD 7.0?



  • I discovered the hard way (before reading this) that they're still broken as of the 1.2.3-pre Feb 24th release.

    Fortunately I came up with an easy work-around: since once connection is faster than the other, I prefer it for HTTP (port 80) connections and the slower one for everything else.  No problems since. (Note: "Prefer" = "Failover to" in the firewall rules "gateway" entry–just so there's no confusion.)

    Of course, your mileage WILL vary...  :-\