Using PFsense/Blocker in front of Microtik

  • Good Morning all,
    forgive me if this topic is not proper ort in the correct location but I need some help/advice:

    I have a Microtik RB1100AHX2 that I use for multiple LANS and have recently purchased a MINI PFSENSE ROUTER PC to place in front of it to use as a internet filter using PFBLOCKER and also DNS blocking and do all this without being doublenatted as I want the Mikrotic to do any port forwards and VPN functions.
    There has got to be a way to setup the pfsense router to pass along like 1:1 natting maybe and allow the PFblocker to filter any intrusions from the Public WAN.
    When I setup 1:1 natting everything works great as far as port forwards and VPN but the PFBlocker seems to not be blocking anything on it.
    What I envision is using the PFblocker kinda like a Barracuda firewall box I guess.
    I have reached my limits here I think and could use some help.

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