• Hi, I have been trying to get my PPPoE connection working for a couple hours (2.4.2) and am having no luck with it.  The configuration I have seems like it should work, but it isn't.

    I am trying to connect to Century Links gig e service.  It comes encapsulated in VLAN 201.

    What I did was install pfsense and went through the getting started wizard.

    I configured the WAN port to PPPoe, and put in my username/password.

    I then went to the Interface assignments page and created a VLAN ID 201 and assigned it to the WAN interface.  Under the PPP setting, I bound it to the physical interface connected to century link.

    I also set the Dial on Demand and Time Outs per https://kdemaria.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/how-to-configure-pfsense-2-2-2-for-centurylink-gigabit-seattle-edition/

    When I look at the PPP logs I get:

    Feb 7 19:43:24  ppp                        [wan_link0] Link: reconnection attempt 65

    Feb 7 19:43:24  ppp                        [wan_link0] PPPoE: can't connect "[14]:"->"mpd67494-0" and "[261]:"->"left": No such file or directory

    Feb 7 19:43:24  ppp                        [wan_link0] can't remove hook mpd67494-0 from node "[14]:": No such file or directory

    Feb 7 19:43:24  ppp                        [wan_link0] Link: DOWN event
    Feb 7 19:43:24  ppp                        [wan_link0] LCP: Down event

    I am wondering if I am overlooking something obvious.  It just seemed to me like you setup the WAN link for PPPoE go to Interface–>Assignment-->VLAN and create a tag you associate with the physical adapter the WAN connection is using and you should be cooking with gas.

    Anyone have a clue?

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    Go to your WAN settings, click "Advanced and MLPPP" then make sure you select the VLAN interface you created as the "Link Interface".

  • Thank you, Grimson.  I found my mistake. I failed to map the PPP setting to the correct interface.  In fairness, I thought the list of four interfaces (what the device I am using has), was all that was showing in the selection box…until I discovered there was one entry below the pick box (hidden)...which was the adapter with the VLAN tag bound to it.  For the longest time, I thought when I created the VLAN itself that the parent interface reference was sufficient to make things work...I was wrong.

    Thanks again!

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