[HOW-TO] Re-install with GEOM_MIRROR for swap

  • Hi!

    Just installed pfSense 2.4.2 on a new Firewall and chose to mirror the swap partition which resulted in a GEOM_MIRROR. Both ZFS and the swap are hosted on two SATA-DOM devices with ZFS in a MIRROR.

    After some testing I wanted to re-install pfSense to make a clean installation, and when repartitioning the drives as a new ZFS mirror I I ended up with this:
    https://imgur.com/a/zrU3X gpart: geom 'ada0': File exists

    Whatever I tried I didn't succeed to re-install because the GEOM_MIRROR was mounted during install.

    So, how did I solve this?
    I figured that I could hash out the mount in /etc/fstab, reboot and then destroy the GEOM_MIRROR with

    gmirror stop swap
    gmirror destroy swap

    I then rebooted again from USB and successfully installed a new clean pfSense system.

    So basically I did this:
    1. Boot as normal
    2. Press 8 to access shell
    3. vi /etc/fstab
    4. Comment out the /dev/mirrir/swap
    5. Reboot
    6. press 8 to access shell
    7. gmirror stop swap && gmirror destroy swap
    8. Reboot with USB
    9. Re-install

    Hope it helps someone out there.

    I think that you should automatically unmount any drives that are mounted in the installer to be able to skip the above steps. Please fix this "bug" in the upcoming releases.

  • Thank you so much for posting! You helped me. I had to perform some additional steps and am also posting in case it helps another poor soul:

    Setup: ZFS-Auto; RAID Type: Mirrored; Number of Drives: 2; Swap Mirrored: Yes; Other options left as default.

    Problem: Attempting a fresh install of pfsense 2.4.3 on x86 hardware. Same error as reported by: enoch85 gpart: geom ‘ada0’: File exists

    Same settings were used for the initial and then refresh install.

    I learned that the problem is that I had to manually delete all of the existing ZFS partitions (why can't the installer do this?). Annoyingly, if you try to delete or destroy a mounted partition the error message gpart gives you is: Device busy, which is really unhelpful. I could delete the all partitions except for the swap ones (because the installer mounts them). Adding OPs commands resolved this for me. The full suite of commands I had to use to allow me to reinstall were:

    gmirror stop swap
    gmirror destroy swap
    gpart delete -i1 ada0
    gpart delete -i2 ada0
    gpart delete -i3 ada0
    gpart delete -i4 ada0
    gpart delete -i1 ada1
    gpart delete -i2 ada1
    gpart delete -i3 ada1
    gpart delete -i4 ada1
    gpart destroy ada0
    gpart destroy ada1

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