Bandwidth management for a problem user

  • Looks like "bandwidth management" is getting close. Been keeping an eye on this thread for awhile.  I have pfsense installed in a small apartment building and it has worked flawlessly for over a year.  Recently I have had a rash of abuse ( read renter with teenage son ) that needs to be curtailed.  What I would like is the ability to limit bandwidth for most everyone and allow a faster but still limited speed for a select few.  Would this round of improvements allow this?  I'm so satisfied with pfSense I would be more than willing to make a contribution to get this feature ( and calm everyone down ).  Thanks.  Sorry if the answer is obvious to you techno gods, I just can't tell if these new features will get this.

  • This post was split off from the bounty section.  Please don't hijack threads and post in the correct forum.  In answer to your question, look into the "penalty box" setting for the existing traffic shaper.

  • OK, That thread looked to me to be the correct. Thirty lashes for the noob…. got there via google, didn't realize it was bounty territory!
    I have installed 1.2 and setup the traffic shaper.  This is nicely leveling the playing field for the users at 300kbs. The penalty box will be great for really putting the screws to someone if needed!

    What I am really looking for is a way to let certain IPs bypass the TS ( like the apt mgr) and get full speed.  I would like to use firewall rules generated by scripts in the login portal.  I had figured this out with monowall and dummynet pipes a few years ago.  Not sure how this would work in the pfsense world. I have seen things in the posts here that are close, but addressing different issues.  I just need a push in the right direction.....or told it is not possible.

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