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  • greetings,

    i have installed pfsense 2.4.2, edition.

    i have two doubt, on how to remove two kinds of images.

    1. when u see login screen you see pfsense image in blue on left corner
    2. when u logged in, u see pfsense community edition on top left corner

    can you tell me where these two images are located.


  • Why would you want to remove the logo?
    I'm pretty sure it's not permissible to remove the logo's either - it's part of the usage agreement.

    <edit>Maybe you can, a quick google finds various instructions.</edit>

  • you can remove anything you want. netgate might even offer a paid service to remove it for you.

    however, you can't remove the logo and still call the product pfSense, as that would be a trademark violation

    thats what i believe is the current situation anyhow

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Let the 1 post wonder find that sort of info on is own to be honest… Or better yet this

    "netgate might even offer a paid service to remove it for you."

    Zero desire to help out with more than likely will end up being on some fly by night store selling pfsense and calling is XYZ, etc..

  • Galactic Empire

    You can fork pfSense and build your own product. That's the only correct way to "remove images".

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