Routing between subnets.

  • Hi

    I'm having an issue with my pfSense box.

    I have 3 different subnets, and I will like to be able to communicate between all 3.

    Subnet 1:
    Subnet 2:
    Subnet 3:

    All subnets has an "Allow All" rule as the one firewall rule.

    All 3 subnets can access the internet without any issues.

    Subnet 1 and 3 can communicate just fine, however none of them can communicate with subnet 2.

    If I use the build-in ping tool in pfsense, I can ping hosts on subnet 2 if I set subnet 2 as source.
    If I choose any other subnet as source, i can't ping hosts on subnet 2.

    I have tried to delete the interface and create it again, but the issue remains the same.

    Any ideas on what i can try?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Sounds like firewall on whatever your trying to talk to in subnet 2.  Windows firewall for example will block traffic from IP other than local network out of the box.

  • Thanks alot. It was a firewall issue. One of the devices i tried to ping was a NAS which had the firewall enabled eventhough it said "off".

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