Lost Traffic, Packets disappear

  • Had the problem mentioned here in the same line. That is IPSEC / IKEV2 phase 1 didn't work for clients using DSL (and PPPoE). Other clients weren't affected. Does anyone happen to know what's special about those packages? Why are they affected but others aren't? I set the MTU on my notebook to 1400 and tried it from cellular network and cable, but had no problems.

    PPPoE clients could not connect, until the offloading described in the wiki was disabled.


  • Netgate Administrator

    It's almost certainly an MTU issue. The additional overhead PPPoE introduces limits the packet size.

    This was clients running pfSense as an IKEv2 endpoint over a PPPoE connection vs other clients running the same setup on cable say?

    And other traffic was OK, just IPSec failing?

    All traffic over IPSec? Pings still passing at small packet size for example?


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