Back to back 1:1 NAT

  • I am having problems with 1:1 NAT.  We have two pfSense routers in a layout as below:

    OPT1 –----------> Internet 12.X
    Server    --> LAN --> pfSense1 <                                                                      OPT1------------> Internet 69.X
                                                  WAN -------> Link -------->  LAN --> pfSense0 <
                                                                                                                        WAN ------------> Internet 207.X

    The pfSense1 box was just installed today and has a 1:1 NAT configured from the Link side network to the Server, pfSense0 has been in place for some time and has a 1:1 NAT configured that was previously pointing just to the server, but now points to the pfSense1 box. If I setup a port forward on pfSense1 and point pfSense0's 1:1 to that port forward, I can reach the server.  If I point the 1:1 on pfSense0 to the 1:1 on pfSense1 and try from the outside world, it will not work.  If I try from in the middle of the link between pfSense0 and pfSense1 with the 1:1's both enabled, I can get to the server behind pfSense0 through the 1:1.

    Is it not possible to have back to back 1:1 NAT rules?  pfSense0 and pfSense1 are at different locations linked by a fiber link.  We recently added the DSL connection at the second location for a redundancy but that internet connections at the pfSense0 site are far faster so we want to take advantage of them.

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