Port opening with multi-WAN not working, full configuration included.

  • Hi,

    I have a multi-WAN setup between a cable line and a DSL line, both with modems in bridged mode so they do not filter any traffic. It works great, but since setting this up port forwarding doesn't work at all. I am trying to forward port 5059 to If I go to the machine and start the service that works on port 5059, the port appears closed to the outside world. From that machine I go to canyouseeme.org and try testing port 5059, and canyouseeme confirms pot 5059 is closed. I checked the firewall log and see that it shows up in the log as having gone through.

    At this point, I believe something is wrong with the computer, or the modem itself. Perhaps the modem is not in bridged mode afterall and is blocking traffic, or perhaps the firewall is on or blocking traffic on the machine. To troubleshoot, I plug the machine directly into the spectrum modem, and port 5059 is open and the service is viewable/usable on port 5059. This rules out that the spectrum modem is blocking traffic, that the service is running improperly, or that a firewall is present on the machine.

    I am out of ideas here. What should I check to see why I cannot forward a port? I have tried with different services on different ports on different machines with the same issue. I have included my configuration below. What have I missed?

    Here is the multi-WAN/gateway setup:

    Here is the list of the NAT rules I've made for each WAN.

    Here is the full list of parameters for the failover verizon DSL rule.

    Here is the full list of parameters for the primary spectrum cable line rule.

    Here is the list of associated firewall rules that were created automatically after I created the NAT:

    For Verizon DSL failover:

    For spectrum cable primary line:

    Here is the traffic supposedly going through without issue.

    Thank you so much!

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