Ntop configuration username/password?

  • I'm a unix novice and trying to figure out how to gain access to Ntop web interface configuration pages.
    I've set the Ntop setup password and can access the web gui, however when trying to access admin/configure I'm prompted for username/password. Nothing I input works.

    I found the following in the web gui FAQ section:

    _Q9.  The program asks for password for "ntop HTTP server". When I started NTOP for the first time, it asked me to set admin password, and i put "xxxxxxxx". The user is "xxxxxxxxxx" but I get "Unauthorized to access the document". Why?

    A.  The correct user to specify for the ntop web server is admin. The -u value in the command line or parameter file is the account ntop runs under._

    It appears Ntop installed with either root or admin rights. Do I need to change the admin/password or is there a default one pfsense uses (build 1.2.1)

    Thanks for some help here  ::)

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