SG-2400 crashed manual update has more issues

  • hello all….
    My Netgate SG2400 crashed during upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4
    Found a 'work around' command of: 
    pkg static update -f
    pkg static upgrade -f via ssh
    This upgraded to 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1

    But now I cannot install any packages with error of " WARNING: Current pkg repository has a new OS major version. pfSense should be upgraded before doing any other operation Failed"

    Can anyone help?


    UPDATE:    After talking with Mr Google again, I found a reference to a previous post on this forum ( )

    It suggested using this command from terminal :  pfSense-upgrade -d

    I did so, rebooted and now I can install packages

    I shall not ask fro the technical reasons on why it failed, or how my manual attempt to fix a crashed appliance possibly contributed.

    However, if someone would be willing to provide speculation on the why's, I would be quite appreciative

    -- detox

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