Quad NIC and Separate Interfaces Guest Network

  • I've been googling the crap out of this and cant find the answer.

    I have a quad intel NIC in my pfsense box. Configured now as one WAN and one LAN. I have 2 extra ports. Id like to connect a AP for guests and setup one of the extra NIC ports as a guest network. Will this separate those two networks? Will they be unable to see each other and will it be secure (secure being a relative term in computers)? Its the same hardware so that's my concern.


  • @jay226:

    Its the same hardware so that's my concern.

    You can configure additional interfaces for guest and use firewall rules to avoid traffic among LAN - AP - Guest, while allowing all of them to access internet.

    Regarding being on the same hardware, unless you work at a spy agency you should be fine… just limit access to admin features on your box to LAN network.

  • Thank you for the response. I'll move forward with that solution. I'm sure I'll learn something in the process.


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