Best way to do dual WAN with separate traffic shaing/NAT rules etc?

  • I'm not sure if this would be best posted here or in the virtualization section, but basically I want to combine my current two routers into one.

    I have a dual WAN set-up. Each WAN currently has it's own pfSense router. One runs DHCP, the other can only be accessed by machines with a static IP and their default gateway set to it's IP address. It works very well because each connection can have it's own traffic shaping rules, it's own NAT etc and there is no problem with things like sticky connections to worry about. I can also switch a machine between the two routers simply by changing it's gateway IP.

    I want to combine those two routers into one, to save energy. From what I understand, a multi-wan set-up only supports traffic shaping on one WAN interface. What about the firewall and NAT, presumably they apply to both interfaces?

  • Seems that we have similar goal… I even put four Nic's in one box.. but I have problem with outbound connection on LAN2.. inbound work Ok.,13504.0.html

  • Thanks, the solution presented in your thread looks like the best solution. I am going to try it!

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