Remove automatically DHCP Leases Expired

  • I've been having issues with expired leases not being renewed.  I've monitored with Wireshark and the DHCP logs.  Until I deleted the expired lease the DHCP server would not give a new address.  This has happened with several different virtual machines.  Server 2012, other pfsense machines, and linux machines.  Any ideas on why this might be happening?  I've raised the dhcp lease from 120 minutes to the max 84600 minutes.  Still waiting to see if this helps.

  • In normal DHCP operation, the client requests the previously held address and the server provides it, if available.  Does Wireshark show the client requesting the previous address?  If so, then it should receive it, if it hasn't been assigned to another device.  Also, the DHCP server will not give an address to another device, until the lease expires.

    BTW, where are you deleting the lease?

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