Lost DNS when using cisco vpn

  • Just switched from a store bought router to pfsense and everything is working correctly except for my cisco vpn client used for work. I can connect okay with the client, however my DNS for the client laptop appears to continue using pfsense's rather then using the DNS server through the vpn. I can connect to everything ok its only DNS that is not working. Works fine with other routers am I missing a configuration somewhere??


  • No, the Cisco VPN client (or more accurately, the device you're connecting to) controls what DNS you'll use when connected.

  • Right, but for some reason behind the pfsense fireall I am unable to use the DNS that the vpn provides. If I am behind a regular nat router it works fine…

  • Does the VPN client provide any logging?  Once the IPsec tunnel is up between the client and the remote server, there's nothing that pfSense can do to restrict traffic.  That means that the problem is most likely to be with the VPN client.

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