PPTPD - RADIUS - Administration User Manager

  • Don't know how much of this is known, but here is my experience if it is helpful.

    I tried out the Jan 06, 2008 snapshot of 2.0. After setting everything up from the factory defaults, most everything seemed to work for me.

    I did have two issues. One was the Administration user accounts authenticating with ActiveDirectory never seemed to do anything. It connected fine and ran through the three tests OK and pulled back OUs from AD, but it didn't seem to allow me to use AD accounts to login as administrator, there was no place to set up those permissions (or I just didn't know how).

    The other issue was the pptpd server could not authenticate with a known working RADIUS server. After setting everything up, there were two checkboxes for use RADIUS server to obtain IPs. The first one would always be checked. I could never get it unchecked, and I could not get it to hold the use RADIUS server for authentication setting. I also tried the secondary RADIUS server with the same results. Thus, the PPTPD server could only authenticate using the local user manager.

    I realize maybe these features are still just incomplete, but I wanted to point out my experience and hope it helps in development. Great job! keep up the good work!

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