Moving to an ESXI host, public services not available.

  • Hello, I'm having a strange issue when migrating to a virtual host using ESXI where my public services such as HTTP are not accessible from WAN.

    I setup a clean copy of pfSense on an ESXi 6.0 host flowing this guide:

    I exported my config from my old box, and re-imported it onto the new virtual one, setup interfaces, and logged in without issue. At first everything appeared to be working 100%. Internet and local to local traffic works, however external services were not available. All of these services are on a VLAN for the DMZ, and my first thought was vlan tagging issue, however I'm able to access them locally so I don't think that's the issue.

    Port forwarding is already setup, but verified that all the firewall rules and NAT settings were correct and can't find any issue there. If I run an Nmap on my network from an external server, I can see that the ports are open but for whatever reason pfSense is not either forwarding like it should, or there is some strange NAT issue. It's odd that the exact same config will work on one box and not the other.

    Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!

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