WAN port gets reassigned to add-on NIC

  • New build using a Jetway NF592-Q170 motherboard that has 8 on-board Intel NICs ( 7ea- i211 for LANs and 1ea i219-LM for WAN).  Works great with pfSense but need some additional ports.  Got the HP364T 4 port NIC (PCIe) that has the Intel i219 chips.

    pfSense see's all the ports and identifies the 8 on-board NICs as em0, igb0,igb1,igb2,igb3,igb4,igb5 and igb6. WAN is assigned to em0, and all the other subnets assigned to the other ports.

    Add the HP364T card and assign the additional 4 ports and they are recognized as em0,em1,em2,em3.

    Problem:  pfSense/freeBSD reassigns the on-board em0 WAN port to the em0 port on the HP364T card and the on-board em0 port gets reassigned.

    Nothing in the BIOS to force the on-board NIC's to be selected first so it looks like it's a race for the first em0 port found and it looks like the PCIe card wins.

    I have gone back in and manually reassigned the WAN port back to the on-board em0 port and it works and all the ports on the HP364 card work as well.  But reboot and the WAN ports get swapped again.  I could leave the WAN port assigned to the HP364 card but the ideal setup would be to have that port stay with the on-board NIC if possible.

    Anyone seen this em0 conflict before and is there a solution that keeps the WAN assigned to the on-board em0 NIC?


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    em0 is em0. If the add-on card enumerates first then you either need to just patch the WAN to the new em0 or reassign to, I would expect, em4, which is where the onboard NIC that used to be em0 should now be.

    I would just go to Interfaces > Assignments and reassign WAN to em4 or patch WAN to the new em0. Your choice.

  • Thank you.

    Guess I got my head wrapped around the two em0 port assignments and that the WAN had to be on one of them.  Sure didn't see the forest for the tree's.  WAN is now em4 and it retains that assignment after reboots and power cycles.

    We now have the capability to add four more subnets for PCI DSS segmentation and a new DMZ.

    Thanks for taking the time and applying your knowledge to help us - greatly appreciated.

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    Good to hear.

    Always nice to have more router ports.

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