Squid Keeps Restarting

  • Hi, very quick question.  I have Squid running on pfSense version 2.3.5-RELEASE-p1 (i386).  I need to keep it disabled for a period of time but it just keeps restarting.  I stop the service and check a few minutes later and it has restarted.  I have disabled it within the service settings itself too and restarted the box but still, it starts up.  Any ideas what's starting it up?

  • Found something in the logs about the ICMP Pinger in Squid and then the service restarting.  Not sure how I didn't see this before.  Anyway, I have disabled that in the Squid settings and so far it hasn't restarted after 24 hours so, will keep an eye on it, check in a few more days and advise if that has resolved it.

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