PfSense no WAN IP address

  • Hello to all of you guys  :)

    I am having quite a strange problem.

    I have an hardware with 6 gigabit ports running pfsense (latest version).

    I have a provider with optical fiber which has given me a TP LINK media converter. I connect the fiber cable to the TPLINK and on it I have a gigabit ethernet port.

    I connect my pfsense WAN port to it but does not get any wan address.

    The ISP told me to assign to WAN the VLAN tag 10 and I did it, but still does not work :(

    I have tried with my macbook pro to create a virtual interface with VLAN 10 and if I connect with my laptop directly to the mediaconverter I get the WAN ip.

    What can be wrong in my pfSense ?_?

    Thanks to all!!!

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