Firebox safenet 1141 crypto card support

  • I installed the latest version of pfsense yesterday on my firebox x1000.  I did the full hard drive install using a video card in the pci slot, keyboard on the motherboard keyboard interface, and cdrom installed to the 40 pin ide connector powered off another box.

    Post install everything booted up fine and I could even see that the crypto card, safenet 1141 was recognized by freebsd 7.   It clearly showed in the bootup as available device "safe0" with no errors everything functional.

    However, there is nothing within pfsense to indicate that its working or that pfsense is using it.   How can I found out if pfsense is using the crypto card, is there a test program or option on any of the gui interfaces?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I read somewhere on the forum that one way could be to run vmstat -i.
    Run vmstat -i first then create some traffic that would use the crypto card if it was working and check with vmstat -i again and see if anything has changed for the crypto card.

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