PfSense to ZyXel IPSec VPN Help!

  • Hi,

    I'm trying my best to setup a tunnel between a ZyXel USG40w and pfsense but it's not quite working out, i've matched both authentication for Phase 1 and 2 on both ends but getting "Dial a Dynamic Tunnel Has Failed for Crypto Map" Error :(

    Does a "how to" instructions exist as i could not find one via google search that worked..


  • I'm very new to this but I had the same issues connecting my Draytek 2860.

    With 2.4.2 I tried with two colleagues to connect with various combinations and in the end it only seemed to work on IKV2 with 3DES on G2 for phase 1 and 3DES_MD5 for phase 2.  In the end Draytek support solved the issue.  You may find it is different for ZyXel.

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