Single WAN IP with Multiple App-servers/web servers

  • Hello:
    I apologize if this question is in wrong place.

    I need some direction,
    I have 1 static WAN IP address [can’t have more than one with my service]

    My domain from external dns is pointing this static IP
    I also have sub-domain pointing to same static IP.
    This is done so that this IP will be entry point.
    So if I “ping” it will resolve to 80.x.x.7 and “” to same.

    Inside my PFSense I have main domain with few machines on to

    Additionally I have sub domain dev with few machines on to

    How or what should I be configuring so that if someone wants to access it should take the prod webserver
    and if is entered it will be taken to dev webserver

    –Internet-----WAN-Static IP-----[PF Sense]–--[```````[sup]Prod( _____Dev(

    Help is much appreciated

  • This would have to be done on your webserver. pfSense doesn't pay attention to the hostname that the user is using to access the site.

    You could setup a virtual host on your production webserver that takes requests to and redirects them to another port that is forwarded to the dev server.

  • Thanks for the reply blak111
    I have tried this approach, and I am getting page not found.
    You mention that to use different port, the app is port specific like 8080, if I redirect on different port the app will not work

    Any suggestion be appreciated

  • Yeah, I think your only option is then to get another external IP to work with or maybe have people that need access to the dev server use a VPN and access the private address.

    If they are using a web browser to access the site, it should be okay to have a different on port on the outside redirecting to the 8080 on the inside. Is the port number built into a client they use?

  • With one IP, you have to do something like this.

  • blak111 and cmb,
    Thanks for your input. both of your suggestion are informative.
    With my ISP / my account I cant have more than one IP.
    so , I will combine both of your suggestions, to create VPN and config web for virtual host…only thing that I need to investigate is IIS equivalent solution

    thanks again



  • Both IIS and Apache can do the name based virtual hosts so you should be ok.

  • if u have apache just install plesk and all it`s done. U can do this easy from Plesk panel.

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