RIPv2 and Outbound rules

  • Hi all. This is kind of continued from another thread but it really deserves it's own since I've figured out what the problem was.

    I have an old satellite system that uses RIPv2 (so I didn't choose to do it, it was forced upon me  >:( ) to updates it's routes. This seems to work ok within anything connected to the router. However, I was finding issues that my end points that were newly created and discovered via RIP were not able to go to the Internet - only ping other things in my private address space. Then with Derelict's help, I noticed that even though routing tables where being updated, no outbound rules were automatically added.

    So I guess my question is, how do I deal with the outbound rules once the routing tables are updated via RIP? Is there an automatic way to add this to the outbound rules? I am currently checkboxed to use Automatic rules generation.

    In the example below, RIPv2 is adding (the private net clouds shown) route via, but nothing shows up automatically in the outbound rules

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