Multiple authentication servers defined, pfSense using wrong one for login test?

  • We have two authentication servers defined on one of our installations - one LDAP and one RADIUS. The RADIUS is used for OpenVPN, and we need to use the LDAP server for authentication to the web GUI. They are different AD environments so using one for both isn't going to work.

    When we go to select the LDAP server for authentication and hit 'save and test', it always tries to connect and bind to the address of the RADIUS server, and thus fails. The logs are also showing failures if we try to login ignoring the test result.

    This seems like a bug - unless I'm missing something? This installation is on 2.4.2, and the same LDAP configuration works on another setup that doesn't have the RADIUS server also added (I can't unfortunately add it to that setup to try replicating the issue).

  • It is a bug, when something other than the first entry in the list is selected:

    Bug reported:
    Proposed fix:

    actually it is just reporting the wrong host name/IP in the testing messages. Actually the code seems to be testing the correct entry.

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