Can pfSense do what I need, two internal networks?

  • I'm a newbie here and I have spent a few hours searching, but it's not obvious to me if pfSense (embedded version) can do what I want.  I use both wired and wireless devices in my house and I need to get two Nintendo DS devices connected to the Internet.  The DS can only do WEP security so I want to create two internal, but isolated networks.  One would be the wireless network using WEP and I don't want any devices on this network to access anything on the other internal network.  The other internal network would consist of wired and wireless devices.

    I only have one dynamic IP from my provider (Verizon FiOS).  I was thinking that I would need to create two internal subnets (i.e. 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x).  Can pfSense be configured to allow for the above scenario?


  • Yes. You could have two lan subnets off of separate interfaces- either two separate NICs, or vlan interfaces with a managed switch.

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