Pls develop this pkg for VPN proxy detection

  • Hello all, I wondered if anyone in the community would be interested in developing a package that could lookup incoming addresses using a VPN/proxy lookup service API (like and add a firewall rule to allow the source IP if it is a good IP address as reported by the service. So basically a firewall rule blocks incoming packets on a particular port (my game server port) and every time someone tries to connect, first the packet is dropped while the source address is looked up using the API for a service like, and if the IP is reported as a good IP not belonging to a known VPN proxy service, then the address is added to a white list and allowed to connect. It needs to store a database of all source addresses so it doesn't need to repeat a search on the same address it's already looked up.

    I know it's something not many people might have a use for but I sure do and I'd be willing to pay for the package and the API service if it can be done. It's only for certain types of servers where you an tolerate a delay or dropped packets for the second or two that it takes the API service to respond. But once it's looked up and passes, all future packets from that address are passed.

  • You might try asking in the pfBlockerNG child board.

    pfBlockerNG already does about 50% of what you're asking, including a proxy/satellite blacklist.

    And they have a Patreon page….

  • Thank you! I will take a look

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