Bootloop after black out

  • Hi, this is the second time that this happens to me.
    When power goes out and then it came back, at some point of boot pfsense crash (after WAN and dping wake up) and reboot.
    I don't know if it was a concurrence, but when I unplugged all the WAN the firewall boot up correctly.
    here the crash log

    PS: High Availability Sync is completely OFF

  • Hi,

    As you can see in the crash dump, the file system didn't really liked the power outage.
    At least one file was deleted when cleaning up.
    This file was probably a log file, or other temporarily file. so maybe not related to the crash.
    But if it was a config file - like the one for dpinger, well, all explains.

    Note : I can't tell from the log why pfSEnse crashed, but on the other hand, I never tried to run pfSense without an UPS ;)

  • You right, but the problem seems to be really clear:
    "Panic String: pfsync_undefer_state: unable to find deferred state"
    from what I am reading is a very common problem when limiters and HA sync is enabled..

    I have limiters enabled but no HA! This is  reeally strange, because it's the HA component that crash.
    PS: yeah, i need to upgrade with a bigger UPS

  • Netgate

    Looks like you tickled pfsync somehow. Are you sure you don't have a sync interface configured (whether it's being used or not) ?

    Anyway, known and is fixed in 2.4.3.

  • In system_hasync.php I can see " Synchronize Interface" setted with my WAN interface, but I have not setted it, I suppose is default. If interface need to be configured somewhere else, could you help me to check?
    BTW thanks for your reply, I will try to replicate the error in VM and from here upgrade to 2.4.3 develop to see if is fixed even to me.


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