Openvpn push route route

  • Hello

    in 1.2.1
    we add push "route" to allow clients to get access to local
    and in client specific config , custom option "route to get access to client
    in 2.0
    i don't know where to put these options in 2.0 !
    the tunnel is up and can only access remote router using tunnel network 172.16.1.x
    maybe something to do with "routing" option

  • Try to formulate your post again.
    You're wildly writing about some IP's and subnets and noone has a clue what you're talking about.,7001.0.html

  • sorry !

    i am using Openvpn between pfsense (server) and wrt54 (client)

    config is working well in pfsense 1.2.1

    With pfsense 2.0 using servermode in :

    -Remote Access (SSL/TLS)
    tunnel is ok
    client can access server under pfsense that's ok !

    • in Peer to Peer (SSL/TLS)
      i got error
      openvpn[25634]: Initialization Sequence Completed
      openvpn[25634]: [client1] Peer Connection Initiated with 83.x.x.x:2048
      openvpn[25634]: SIGUSR1[soft,ping-restart] received, process restarting
      openvpn[25634]: [client1] Inactivity timeout (–ping-restart), restarting

    => tunnel is not established

    my question is how to make this Peer to Peer mode working please !
    cause i also need to access the remote client.

    hope things are more clear now.

  • my problem seems that i cannot add this in the client specific config


    some help please

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