NIC recommendation for R210ii

  • Just got back into a pfsense build after I heard of a firmware update for my modem that I thought was causing me earlier issues. Well upon setting up the most recent build with squid proxy and pfblocker everything was working as intended. For about a day that is, today when I got home I noticed I had no internet although my DSL was synced. Tried rebooting everything, changing patch cable from modem to router WAN and nothing. Light on the WAN port was intermittent green or solid orange

    Finally when I was about to give up, I plugged in a USB NIC I had laying around and to my surprise it showed up in the interfaces , changed the wan to the USB nic and configured PPPOE settings again and the internet was back up. Not only that, but it seems to be loading faster. Who knows…

    So I guess it's time to put a new Intel NIC in, not sure if I should get a 2 or 4 port though for future expansion maybe, I could maybe possibly see a second WAN connection in the future for maybe load balancing with a second DSL line as my ISP apparently doesn't bond DSL lines at the modem.

    Dual nic would be the 1000 PT I assume, but there are a few different 4 port nics, especially when you take in the HP/IBM cards as well.

    Thank you.

  • Get a i2xx or i3xx card.

  • Just picked up an I350-T4 for $60 on eBay, thanks for the suggestion.

  • @da.brown.m1:

    Just picked up an I350-T4 for $60 on eBay, thanks for the suggestion.

    Excellent card.

  • Hi, is this combination working reliably for you? If so what version of pfsense are you running please?

    I've got the same configuration (R210II and i350-T4)  but have posted in the general section that I'm having major problems getting it to boot reliably after a reboot with all intel ports populated. Sadly I've had no responses and I'm at a loss what to do next, but if we could compare BIOS setup/i350 config I'd appreciate it.

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