SIP register Problem

  • Hi all
    I hope that someone could help me.
    PFSense 2.4.2 without additional packages. 1 Yealink W52P in LAN 1. The VOIP telephone connect to a swiss sip Provider outside of the pfsense to port 5060.
    The Registration failed. If I sniff, I see, that the phone makes a dns query and receive the correct IP. May it couldn't connect to the Provider.


    • I've tested with an other SIP phone, same
    • Sipproxy (only Change the outbound/inbound Interface), set outboundproxy in the sipphone to the pfsense gw ip, same

    Has anyone an idea?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Step 1: Uninstall siproxd. It will almost certainly only hurt, not help.

    Step 2: What else is in the capture after the phone obtains the IP address to connect to?

  • Not related to pfSense yet.
    Remove all your customization - Sipproxy, outboundproxy, etc., then speak to your provider.
    If you want to find a root cause yourself - look into your SIP traffic on both LAN and WAN.

  • Helo all
    I've found the Problem. It wasn't on the pfsense.
    It was a DOS-Prevention on a Zyxel Switch.


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