Zabbix proxy to route via a specific gateway

  • Hi Team,

    I have pfsense with 2 wans, the default one with is a very slow link and a satellite limited to 40GB per month. I have to leave the default gw to the slow link as this is also the broadband connection for the home. This is for a home and office link. Between 00:00 to 06:00 am all traffic goes via the satellite connection as its free for use during those times. I have installed zabbix proxy and need to get all the traffic to go out via the satelite link only. Can anyone please assist as I can`t find a way to do that.


  • Anyone please?

  • Hi Team,

    If needed I but the person that helps me a beer. This one is driving me crazy.


  • Ok found my solution,

    Go at the bottom and click on the advance options

    There add the following



    The X.X.X.X should be the ip address of the gateway via which you want the traffic to go out of

    Hope this helps someone.


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