Resolve internal DNS with OpenVPN Client connection

  • Hello,

    I currently have an OpenVPN client connection setup to a VPN provider. I have a rule in place that routes all traffic from a specific source address out that gateway. This was still allowing DNS to leak as DNS requests were being sent to my Domain Controller and then forwarding out my regular gateway. To resolve the DNS leak, I set the Static DNS entry on the Windows host to the VPN providers internal 10.x DNS server. Now all my DNS requests and traffic properly route to the VPN connection. The problem is now this host cannot easily communicate with other internal devices such as my domain controller and WSUS server as it is trying to resolve etc.. with the VPN DNS server.

    Is there a way to allow my internal hosts * to resolve and still keep external DNS requests from this specific host filtering through the VPN connection? I am using my Domain Controller for DNS currently. I tried searching on this but all the results I was finding were about pushing DNS through the VPN connection.


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