PfSense + FreeSWITCH + Digium TDM400P?

  • I'd like to use my TDM400P with my pfSense/FreeSWITCH setup. I think I have to install some zaptel drivers but in spite of all my searching, I haven't stumbled on anything to show me how to do this. Has anyone been able to do this? If yes, how about a little advice to get me started?


  • It requires that zaptel be compiled into the FreeBSD kernel. This would then allow mod_openzap to work zaptel cards. The benefit to pfSense is that it not only bring Voice but also the potential for data T1/E1 to pfSense.

    This is planned to be done when time permits sometime in the future. If you want this to occur on a much faster time schedule then I recommend using commercial support for paid development ( or setup a bounty.

  • I put the card in my PBX in a Flash box for the time being. I got the card real cheap off of eBay so at least now I know it works. I'll just be patient and keep and eye out here for the drivers to become available.

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