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    I use PFsense in a commercial setting as a router to terminate ISP services handed off to me via an ONT.  At least in this area I'm responsible for the ISP routing between their WAN handoff and my IP's.  Be that static, DHCP natted to an assigned gateway address, or both.

    In the past I've used Cisco routers and even Linksys wireless AP's with the radio's shut down.  But the former is too expensive and the latter not truly commercially stable.  The PFsense hardware has been stable, seemed easy to set up, and quite cost effective.  So I've been buying the hardware/software builds.  But.  and now the But:

    Now you can't get support on a per incident basis.  I may need it once a year, so I'm certainly not going to pay the pretty bloated annual support fee's PFsense asks for on an annual contract.  And they seem to offer no alternative.  So, OK, vendor community it is.

    Folks, what organization, large enough they would pass some form of light background check, would you suggest that might offer commercial support on PFsense in an ala carte basis?  Not that I won't try the forum, but I'm willing to pay for quality answers too.  I just can't pay thousands of dollars per year for what is probably one question a year.

    Any suggestions?



  • Netgates lack of per-incident support had me looking elsewhere too.
    I've had a great experiance with Tom the owner of lawrence systems.

    lawrencesystems DOT com

  • Thank you sir!

    Wow, one reply.  Is PF-Sense business penetration that limited?

  • You can locate a partner in your area and ask there
    or get a Gold Membership and start reading. Shouldn't be too hard if you know Cisco routers already.

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