Static route doesn't work

  • Hi folks,

    I've set up an OpenVPN server on another machine on my network.
    I have added a static route to my pfsense (which is my networks default gateway) to the new openVPN subnet (as per openVPN HOWTO instructions).

    The thing is, is that the static route only seems to work for about half my clients on my network. For example I have a vista machine and a linux machine that when I ping a machine on the VPN network from either of these 2 machines, it fails however if I manually add the route to the respective client's local routing table setting the gateway to the openVPN server, it works.

    Why does pfsense only route some of my machines to the new VPN network?


  • Solved.

    I was using policy based routing in my firewall rules.

    I just had to add a manual rule to the destination network and make sure that the default routing table was selected

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