Best practices for using home proxy while connected to a work VPN

  • Occasionally when working remote, I have to connect to my home network while connected to a different, work VPN from a Windows machine.

    I have a secure Squid proxy server running on my home pfsense network server available externally but unfortunately, this VPN blocks direct HTTP proxies for security.

    My current solution is to have 1 browser configured to connect to a SOCKS proxy forwarded over an SSH connection that I use to navigate my home networking and some outbound traffic. I have also created a similar option use the Squid proxy with the port forwarded over an SSH connection instead.

    Regarding performance:

    • Would the Squid HTTP proxy see better performance than a SOCKS proxy due to the potential caching?

    • Is some caching done on the side of the browser through the SOCKS connection anyway? There are not typically many users on my home network while I am away to benefit caching outside of my own use.

    • I understand that the SOCKS proxy works at the session layer so if I am not fully utilizing the benefits of the additional HTTP proxy overhead, would this remove server load wi

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