Traffic by IP

  • I'd like to know what the best method to monitor traffic by IP is so I will know who is using the majority of the bandwidth.

    I would like something that also can email me notifications if I prefer.

  • you can use the bandwithd which will show usage on ipbasis

  • Ntop will do that for you, install the package.

    I have grown to love ntop.

    Here is a pic of ntop on my lan.

  • My ntop is crashing. Lots of other people have the same problem. Did you do something to make it work?

  • I would be interested too how to fix ntop. On two different networks (and pfsense boxes) ntop crashes couple minutes after start.

    Using versions 1.2.1-rc2 and 1.2.3. Both networks have quite the different kind of traffic and user amounts so it probably doesnt have anything to do with two much traffic/hosts to track

  • How much RAM do you have in these boxes?
    ntop is a ressource hog!

  • 512 with 180 allocated to squid. Also running vnstat and imspector. I will try fiddle with the settings to see if it would get more stable (meaning taking some ram away from squid).

  • I run with no less the 512. The reason being is that with 512 you have elbow room. Currently on my system I am using 212MB of RAM. I have a P4 1.6 w/512 MB ECC RIMMs. Might I also add I love running PfSense on RIMMs. It seems the interface alone runs faster, not sure about everything else  ;)

    But I prefer to run PfSense on ECC RAM being that this is a network critical machine and as far as I'm concerned errors are not acceptable.

    Anyhow, I'm running for packages….


    Any my system does very well and is very stable. Sometimes I use as much as 350MB of RAM but it's not often, that may have been when I was load balancing w/failover

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